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The Santa Barbara Urban Creeks Council was formed to encourage the preservation, protection, and restoration of natural and urban streams. Our goal is to educate decision makers and the general public on the aesthetic, recreational and ecological values of natural streams located near our homes, places of employment, farms, or in commercial and industrial urban areas. In order to promote these values, the Urban Creeks Council holds regular meetings, develops educational materials, and hosts workshops and field outings to increase the awareness of the value of our natural streams, for the public as well as for engineering and planning professionals.


An osprey taking the steelhead out of the harbor was photographed in May 2008. This illustrates species interdependencies and shows that steelhead (oncorynchus mykiss) continues to survive despite loss of habitat caused by humans. Osprey are threatened in other regions and will become imperiled here also as fish populations continue to decline. Both species will make it if we give them a chance.
SBUCC Monthly Meetings ~ Open to the Public
Third Tuesday of the month, 7:00 to 10:00pm,
upstairs at the Red Cross building,
2707 State Street. Call 968-3000 for details.

Creek Hotline: 1-877-OUR OCEAN (1-877-687-6232)
Please call this number to report incidents of dumping
or any other possible threat to riparian ecosystems

City of Santa Barbara Watershed Hotline Numbers:
[ click here ]

Water Quality Reports (Project Clean Water, SB Co.):
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(banner image: San Jose Creek, by Art Ludwig, Oasis Design)

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